What’s To Come

Understanding that employers wanted answers to their hiring and retention challenges yesterday, the Fund has released insights and data updates as information becomes available since embarking on this analysis at the end of 2021. This site serves as a home base for findings. Stay tuned for deeper analysis and additional data insights.

Coming Soon

  • What does this all mean for employers? A summary of implications for businesses, workforce practitioners, funders, policymakers and others to address today’s workforce priorities. Expect this feature the week of July 5.
  • Implications Toolkit: Whether you’re trying to attract young workers, retain employees in a particular work setting, explore potential policy changes that improve work culture or find ways to reduce barriers for applicants, you can use this interactive toolkit to filter and sort recommendations and implications for your particular talent situation. Expect this feature this July.
  • Industry, geographic and demographic deep-dives: Health care workers had a very different pandemic experience than architects and social media managers. Urban residents face different barriers from rural residents. We’ll highlight segments of the data that shed even deeper insights into worker experiences, priorities and barriers in a coming series launching this July with regular, ongoing additions into the future.
  • Data dashboards: Choose your own analytical adventure. Interactive dashboards will allow users to sort and filter data around custom criteria. Currently in the early stages of development, this feature will be available later this year.
  • Resource library: Everyone has been asking, “Where Are the Workers?” and we’re not the only ones aiming to answer this question. Explore research and recommendations from other institutions in the resource library, coming soon.

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