Invest in employee career development

Jul 13, 2022

Workers are feeling underprepared and undertrained for the jobs they have and the jobs they want to move into. Almost a quarter of all respondents said they need more education or training to get ahead in their job or career; 18% said it’s been difficult for them to pursue additional training; and nearly 42% said they aren’t aware of opportunities to get the training they need. At the same time, when considering factors that are important in how they earn money, 83.3% of all respondents said having opportunities for advancement was very important.

There are many ways employers can improve the preparedness and support the advancement of their employees:

  1. Provide more thorough and more hands-on onboarding. It’s important to ensure employees have what they need to succeed from the start.
  2. Lay out a clear career path. Also when employees start, map out the path to advancement so they know what they are working toward and the expectations around how to get there.
  3. Incorporate more frequent on-the-job training and cross-training. Many employers who participated in roundtable discussions as part of this initiative shared that they have invested more in internal training opportunities for their employees and/or incorporated more cross-training so employees are equipped to switch departments or fill in for absences or a loss in capacity as needed.
  4. Offer education supports. Tuition reimbursements, internship programs and work-to-hire models enable workers to get ahead and be more productive and committed employees in the long-run.