Some of the barriers to work this research underscored—transportation, childcare and health care challenges among them—are simply too big for any individual employer to solve alone. But businesses can connect with, help to grow, and reap the benefits of systemic efforts working to address these barriers.

At the Fund for Our Economic Future, we’re working to tackle big, complex systems issues just like this to advance equitable economic growth across NEO. You can join us.

Here are some of the ways we’re working to strengthen jobs and the economy for everyone, regardless of race or place:

  • The Paradox Prize tested eight worker mobility innovations that connected more than 1,300 workers and hundreds of employers across Northeast Ohio and led to several long-term solutions.
  • Sector partnerships, like those in Cuyahoga County and Summit County, are growing, strengthening and diversifying talent pipelines to in-demand sectors including healthcare, manufacturing and information technology.
  • The ESG to the Power of Place tool is helping business make smarter decisions about where to build or expand to reach more workers and advance equity, sustainability and governance goals.
  • The Cleveland Innovation Project’s talent initiative is preparing 20,000 workers for growing jobs in water technology, health innovation and IT as well as investing in attracting new talent to the region